Saturday, July 3, 2010

Real time stat from blogger, which is one of the best platform blog, finally launched a real-time stat for blogger which is very sophisticated. the best part is, users do not need to install a blogger any code into his blog.
Your blog visitors can be tracked from where and using what keywords. Almost the same with google analytics. You can also find the posting of the most popular and most widely invites visitors to your blog.

real time stat for blogger

But, the blogger has not officially released this new appearance. still in blogger in draft form, but this new feature will soon be officially launched by the company.

With capabilities such as google analytics but without entering any code. would not that be great?

You want to try real-time stat from blogger in draft to your blog?? Just click Blogger in Draft and select new tabs "Stats"

Blogger in Draft

What is your opinion about this new feature?

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